Palliative Care & End of Life Assistance

Personal, compassionate and supportive palliative hkome care. A personalised layer of support aimed to improve the final stages of those living with severe conditions.

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Palliative Care in your home

In our experience, Australians undergoing palliative care want to live in the comfort of their own home – and quite rightfully so. Home Instead’s trained team of CAREGivers can provide you with the utmost care, and help make living at home as comfortable as can be. For palliative care at the initial stages, we can deliver regular visits, most likely weekly, to monitor and track the individual’s health, and as the condition progresses Home Instead is able to increase visits and match the level of care needed.

Our trained CAREGivers can support your care needs, and develop a home hospice or palliative care plan suited to your individual needs and preferences. This often includes:

Personal Care

Including any help you may need dressing, toileting or bathing.

Emotional Support

At any time of day or night, your supportive CAREGiver will be by your side when needed.


From trips to the shops to puzzles at home, our CAREGivers would love to spend time with you.


We can assist around the house, and keep your pride and joy clean and tidy.

Respite for Family Carers

It’s important to give your caring family members short breaks every now and again, and to keep your relationship with them as positive as possible.

Social Interaction

Whether you’d love to chat about recent current affairs or simply enjoy some silence as you read, your personal CAREGiver will offer you the kind of social interaction you prefer.

For compassionate and home supportive care for palliative and end of life circumstances, contact your local Home Instead office.

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All the Palliative Care support you’ll need

We believe that understanding your options helps you to make an informed choice about your palliative care journey.

Home Instead’s education guide, Dying at Home, has been designed to help you and your family discuss your care options, and find the perfect service for you.

For more information on our 24-hour palliative care services and support in establishing a palliative care plan that is right for you and your family, please contact your local Home Instead office on 1300 008 018.


Care services for all your needs and wishes

Home Instead firmly believe in making life at home as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. That’s why, with our palliative care services, you’ll have:

  • One of our professional CAREGivers personally matched with you, who will stay with you as long as needed
  • Strong companionship from your regular CAREGiver
  • Control over the days, times and services you receive (from occasional visits to 24/7 in-home care)
  • 24/7 telephone support provided by your local care team
  • The comfort that your friendly CAREGiver can help with whatever is needed around the house.

Support for Palliative Care: ‘Dying at Home’ Guide

If you are faced with a life-limiting illness, what do you need to plan for and how do you go about it? What support is available and from where? Who will care for you Having these conversations and planning ahead will help you maximise the time you have left, focus on life-affirming moments and ensure you or your loved one’s final days are as meaningful and comfortable as possible.

Home Instead has developed a booklet to help those with palliative care needs and their families.

Read our ‘Dying at Home’ Guide

Words from a client, about our CAREGivers…

CAREGiver Mark

“Mark from the Home Instead CAREGiver team understood my husband and his needs so well.  He is so caring. My husband has dementia and also has a catheter, which is a lot to handle.

John responds well to Mark because he makes the effort to learn how to make John feel relaxed.  John is always happy to see Mark arrive now because he has gained John’s trust.

Mark has a special way of touching John’s hand which seems to make John relaxed and comfortable in Mark’s company. Mark is willing to step in readily with feeding John and assisting him with his toileting. Having Mark there gives me the confidence to go out, knowing that John is in capable (and friendly) hands.”

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