Palliative Care

Personal, compassionate, comforting and supportive palliative care at home for your loved one.

The time may come in a senior's life when the focus turns from cure to comfort. If you're caring for someone dying at home, Home Instead Senior Care can support you and your family with aged care right through to personal, compassionate, palliative end of life care.

In our experience, Australians want to live in the comfort of their own home – right through to their end of life. Palliative care, also known as hospice care or home hospice, can help you and your family achieve this.

As private palliative care providers, we offer comfort and supportive services to assist people with life-limiting illnesses to live and die well at home.

Our trained CAREGivers can support you and your family's palliative care needs during this difficult time and develop a home hospice or palliative care plan to support your individual needs and preference with:

  • Personal care
  • Emotional support
  • Companionship
  • Housekeeping
  • Grooming and dressing
  • Linen changes
  • Respite for family caregivers.
  • Comfort and social interaction or activities such as reading.

At a time like this, you should be allowed to take off the 'caregiver' badge and simply be a loving family, friend and companion. Our professional CAREGiving can enable you to do just that.

For compassionate, supportive end of life care, contact your local Home Instead office.

Dying at Home

It is important to recognise that dying at home requires advanced planning, and access to information about what support is available, when and how it can be accessed. We believe that understanding your options supports you to make an informed choice about your palliative care journey.

Home Instead Senior Care's booklet, Dying at Home has been designed to help families to have the conversation about dying, and help them create a thoughtful and thorough dying at home care plan.

For more information on our 24-hour palliative care services and support in establishing a palliative care plan that is right for you and your family, please contact your local Home Instead Senior Care office.

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