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We help with a range of personal and lifestyle needs, while providing genuine and authentic companionship care for elderly Australians.

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Companionship, connection and shared experiences!

With Home Instead, we believe in a relationship-based approach to care and support, as opposed to task-based. Because to us, care is personal.

By first gaining an understanding of your needs, personality, hobbies and values, we can connect you with a compatible CAREGiver. So you will not only receive professional personal care, but also feel a value alignment to build a meaningful connection with your CAREGiver.

As that bond grows, all of the stories, activities, time and experiences you share together help keep you engaged and active both physically and mentally. And if your CAREGiver is assisting with domestic tasks and meals, your physical health will benefit too.

Our CAREGivers are committed to understanding who they support, and finding out more about you.

To do so, they’ll usually join you in and assist with:

Conversation & Discussions

From stories in the paper to tales about your life growing up, the sky’s the limit to the conversations you’ll share.

Company over meals

Sharing a meal is far more enjoyable than eating alone

Social outings

Whether it’s the shops, your local bowls club or catching up with family, our CAREGivers can take you to and from, as well as join you for any and all social outings.

Outdoor activities

If you enjoy walking or gardening, you’ll be matched with a CAREGiver who would love to join you outside.

Crafts & Games

Such as scrapbooking, knitting and other creative outlets. Activities and games can help promote mental stimulation.


Have some old stories and memories you'd like to tell? We’d love to hear them!


From extending your known family tree to learning more about history, you’ll be matched with a CAREGiver who shares your passion for research.

Contact your local Home Instead Office to learn more about how you can benefit from companionship and in-home care. Or if you’d prefer, give us a call on 1300 008 018. We always love to have a chat.

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Words about one of our CAREGivers, Maria from a client…

“Maria has gently cared for me over the last 18 months. She is a very efficient CAREGiver. Nothing is too much trouble for her. Maria approaches every job with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. 

She is a first- class bed maker and makes a simple job fun by rearranging the pillows in my bed by calling those at the back economy, the next level business class and those closest to my head as first class. I often look at the pillow during my week in bed and recall these names. It makes me smile. I feel like I am in the gold class seats at the cinema! 

Maria is very organised. She can read my signs. When I need oxygen, or my puffer, Maria is there. She anticipates my needs when I am unwell and am unable to give direction. This is very comforting, especially when I need a shower as this has to be done in stages as I am on oxygen. When I am not well and frightened, Maria keeps me calm with her gentle comments. I returned home from hospital 6 weeks ago and am virtually bed bound. I had been in hospital with my heart condition and was in the ICU for 10 weeks. Every additional day is a blessing and I feel lucky to have Maria as one of my carers. She has a good heart, is a great cook and lets me be me. She makes me feel safe and allows me to stay at home where I want to be.”

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