Who’s taking care of the CAREGivers?

Taking care of mum and dad can be one of the most fulfilling experiences for any family caregiver; to pay back some of the unconditional love and caring you yourself received in your formative years.

However providing support to a senior can also be a particularly stressful experience as you try to juggle their wants and needs with managing your own busy life.

Even if you are possessed with exceptional time management skills, the added responsibilities can start to affect you physically, emotionally and mentally.

Over time, all that extra stress could seriously affect your health – and where would you and your loved ones be then?

How is stress affecting you – do you know? It’s important to find out.

With that in mind, Home Instead would like to present the following Family Caregiver Stress Assessment Tool.

Please use it to work out:

  • Which aspects of caregiving might distress you the most, and
  • What you can do to address and minimise those distressing aspects.

We trust you find it very enlightening and ultimately helpful.

Take a Break for Carers

On average carers work 40 hours every week providing care – and without respite or additional care, many find it difficult to take a break from their caring duties.

Home Instead invite you to set some time aside to learn about what carers do, reflect on how vital their roles are in the community and take a closer look at what makes carers such special people. Please do so soon, because carers need all the breaks they can get.