A guide to support people, families and carers plan for end of life at home

70% of Australians wish to die at home, surrounded by their friends and family.

However, without advance planning, dying at home often does not become a reality, with only 14% of people actually passing away in the comfort of their own home. (Dying Well, Grattan Institute Report, 2014).

If you are faced with a life-limiting illness, what do you need to plan for and how do you go about it? What support is available and from where? Who will care for you?

Having these conversations and planning ahead will help you maximise the time you have left, focus on life-affirming moments and ensure you or your loved one’s final days are as meaningful and comfortable as possible.

Time is precious when faced with a life-limiting illness. Use this resource to guide your conversations about dying, put necessary plans in place and share your personal wishes with family and friends.