The role of a family carer can be demanding, stressful and rather tiring. Home Instead can assist by offering short, flexible respite care, keeping you and your family cared for.

Our respite care services are tailored to helping out your regular carer, offering you both some help when needed. A well-planned respite program provides you both regular, scheduled breaks – helping to keep your home manageable, comfortable and relaxed.

Margaret’s Care Story

“Having the Home Instead carers take care of things like housework and exercise are important because it allows me and mum to enjoy each other’s company more.”

After her husband passed, Margaret was living alone and began to find it a bit difficult to get everything done on her own. Eventually, she and daughter Deb decided it would be better to move into Deb’s home, where Margaret still has her own space.

This move brought with it a much longer daily to-do list for Deb, however, as Margaret was no longer able to do things like make her own bed or clean. These additional responsibilities meant less time for the mum and daughter to spend with each other.

Because of this, they applied for an assessment to be completed by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). Once this was approved Deb took the time to contact several providers, finally choosing Home Instead.

This decision was made not only because there was an office nearby, but also – and more importantly – because Home Instead spoke with the most respect and were able to answer all of Deb’s questions clearly and concisely.

Margaret and her team of CAREGivers including regulars Donna and Leanne enjoy spending time together multiple times a week, and the tasks the Home Instead CAREGivers do around the home make it possible for Deb and Margaret to reconnect again.

Image of Margaret and her CAREGiver Donna, they often grab a coffee and cake and enjoy by the lake.

Here is Margaret’s story, as told by Deb:

“The ladies that come in are so lovely and friendly, and mum has made friends with them so it’s really a socially positive experience. Mum loves going out for cuppas and they take her out for one twice a week.

“And because she can’t wash her hair anymore, they’ll take her out to the hairdressers every week too. It’s fantastic from a social perspective, it’s the carers and the other people out and about who mum can chat with. Mum’s a very social person and the social outlet is really important.

“One of the biggest benefits for me personally as a carer is that some of the responsibility has been taken off my hands because mum struggles with mobility. So having things like the cleaning and exercise sessions taken care of by the ladies from Home Instead has been fantastic. They’re always communicating with me and updating me on things and if they notice something’s amiss, they’ll tell me.

“Now mum and I can spend quality time together in the afternoons, enjoying each other’s company while watching Eddie on Millionaire Hot Seat and enjoying a glass of wine.

I’ve encouraged friends of mine to look into Home Instead care as well, to free them up a bit. When you’re in this position, there’s a lot to do – especially for those of us in the sandwich generation (caring for ageing parent(s) and kids/grandkids). Getting a bit of help can make a huge difference.”

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