Recover in the comfort of your own home

Being able to return home is a relief after spending time in hospital. Then you can enjoy quiet and comfort, nourish yourself with home-cooked meals and rest up in your own bed.

There are many ways our CAREGivers can support you, including personal care, cooking, medication assistance, transport to appointments and help to move safely around your home. Having the same familiar CAREGivers for companionship and encouragement is also beneficial for your recovery and peace of mind.

To illustrate how our flexible hospital to home service works, here are two stories from our Australia-wide network. Both of these seniors required 24 hour care when they first returned home – but as their recovery has progressed, they no longer require such a high level of care.

Lynette’s Care Story

“It gives me peace of mind having someone there.”

After Lynette had spent time in hospital, her medical team was concerned she required too much care to return home. But both Lynette and her family believed she would be more comfortable at home.

Some of the issues included the strength she lost in hospital and her medication, which was still being reviewed by her doctors. So by working closely with the family and the hospital, we created a 24 hour care plan that satisfied Lynette’s medical team. Our Care Managers also guided her family on how to seek government funding to ensure her care could continue long term.

Once Lynette was home, we were able to pick up on issues quickly to prevent her from being readmitted to hospital. The continuity of care and familiarity of her home environment had a significant impact on Lynette – her mental state improved, she no longer needs 24 hour support and she is now well enough to make care decisions for herself.

Her specialists have also made positive remarks about how far Lynette has come since returning home, and her family believes that being supported in her home has allowed her to flourish.


Here is what Lynette recounts:

“I had been in hospital and wasn’t able to look after myself on my own. Home Instead was recommended to us, and we decided to give them a try. They just seemed to click and I felt comfortable.

At first I had 24 hour care, but once I was able to cope on my own, I was able to have the CAREGivers just come at night. They come at 5pm and prepare the evening meal, and stay overnight until 9am the next morning. It is nice having some time to myself during the day now.

Before going into hospital, I was having trouble getting someone to come over and put on my compressions stockings in the morning. With the CAREGiver being here, they are able to do that for me and my legs haven’t been swelling, which is important. They also help with creams and lotions on my legs that I can’t put on, and my podiatrist says my feet are being well cared for!

It gives me peace of mind having someone there. For a while I was asking them to check on me and wake me during the night, but now I ask them to let me sleep right through. But if I need them, they are there.”

Brian’s Care Story

“They have been able to implement my wishes.”

After being diagnosed with mild cognitive decline, Brian was living in a residential aged care facility. One of our CAREGivers had been providing weekly companionship for him in the facility, however he was eager to return home.

There were some concerns about how safe he would be at home due to his risk of falling, but Brian was clear about his wishes and worked with our team and his family. Our Care Managers developed a 24 hour care plan, so we could monitor him while he settled back in and determine whether he could safely move around the home without full-time assistance.

For continuity of care, his care team includes Paula, the CAREGiver who provided companionship for Brian while he was in residential aged care. His CAREGivers encourage him to go for walks to maintain his mobility and they ensure he is getting enough food and fluids. Brian prefers to snack on cheese, so our team has played an important role in encouraging him to eat nutritious food that will keep him healthy, so he can fulfill his wish to live at home for as long as possible.

Brian particularly enjoys his fortnightly outings with Paula, which gives him lots to talk about with his family and friends who he keeps in regular contact with. His family has even commented that these outings have been one of the key factors of Brian recovering his health. Due to these improvements in his health, he no longer requires 24 hour care.


Here is Brian’s experience:

“Returning home was important to me, and I wanted to access care to give me added security.

I chose Home Instead, because I appreciated their reputation and my own experience of using them for companionship.

They have been able to implement my wishes – they encourage me to be independent and they make me feel safe at home. I enjoy chats with my CAREGivers and doing crosswords with my CAREGiver Mondi. I would recommend Home Instead, because I am happy with the service.”

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