At Home Instead, we believe in empowering one’s ability, instead of focusing on disability.

We support people living with progressive health conditions to continue living independently in their own home.

Personal care is available for everyday tasks you may need support with, such as showering, dressing and toileting. We can also support with meal preparation, medication reminders, transportation, 24 hour care, respite care and palliative care services. Our trained and trusted CAREGivers offer specialised care and companionship in a way that is right for you.

Michele’s Care Story

“I love my home. I feel comfortable in my own home. I feel safe, and I know where everything is. If I need extra services, I can just ask.”

Michele has been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, but lives a full and happy life at home with the assistance and companionship from her Home Instead CAREGivers.

Now 62, she receives about 10 hours of assistance each week, including help with cooking, cleaning and laundry – but Michele says the companionship she receives in turn from her lovely CAREGivers is just invaluable.

Michele especially enjoys cooking, and has a wonderful time teaching some of her CAREGivers different recipes when they help her with meal preparation. Michele likes being able to give something back to the CAREGivers who’ve made her life easier.

Michele is also impressed with the detailed attention she receives on respite trips with a CAREGiver who’s a former nurse. She believes the fact that she feels she can trust all her CAREGivers is most important of all.

Here is Michele’s story:

“I love the service I get from Home Instead. The CAREGivers are very educated in their field, and they organise everything for me. They make the bed, do the washing including folding and ironing, they clean the bathrooms, vacuum, dust and mop the floors. They even wipe the cupboards out if I need.

“I’ve been very happy with them, and I have a good rapport with them. The companionship has been very good. We have a great relationship, and they know what my needs are. They organise appointments for me.

“The ex-nurse that I go out with, she makes sure I get in the car safely before she proceeds. I feel very safe going out. I enjoy that, too.

“We exchange recipes. Some days we can just talk and talk. They are very caring, nurturing and supportive. I don’t have to explain what to do around the house.

“I love my home. I have two little doggies and a lovely garden. I feel comfortable in my own home. I feel safe and I know where everything is.

“Home Instead are very professional and thorough. They respond to messages immediately. I’ve had them here at home for three years now, but before that I found some other providers were quite slack, even invoicing me for hours they were not here.

“I would recommend Home Instead very much. They’re trustworthy, they’re willing to help at any time with all sorts of things. They’re caring, lovely staff who are very accommodating to your needs. I feel at any time if I need extra services, I can just ask.

“I’ve been teaching my girls some of my recipes and it’s been great fun. They’re taking a lot away from me too, because they’re learning how to cook!”

Liz’s Care Story

“We are so much better off with care at home. We just wouldn’t be able to cope without Home Instead.”

It’s been 40 years since Liz was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, but that doesn’t stop her from going caravanning once a month with her devoted husband Ian.

The Brisbane pair travel for a week at a time, visiting places like Canungra, Tewantin and Mullumbimby, often staying in the showgrounds or using caravan parks as their base to see the sights.

Ian cares for Liz during these trips, but Home Instead CAREGivers now visit Liz when she’s at home, to help relieve the pressure on Ian as her full-time carer. It also means Ian can devote more time to planning their next big trip.

Liz is really happy with the quality of service from Home Instead. She says the home care she receives has made all the difference to her life, as well as Ian’s.

Here is Liz’s story:

“I was a typist and aged just 36 when I was diagnosed with MS. It was quite a shock, but I can probably trace the symptoms back to my 20s. I gave up work and didn’t drive again.

I’ve been in a wheelchair now for 35 years, but Ian and I still love to travel. We don’t always go far, but it’s nice to have a change of scenery.

I don’t let MS stop me from getting out and about. We usually stay at the showgrounds wherever we go, and then Ian drives us to see the sights.

We’ve been members of the Sunshine Caravan Club for over a decade. We’ve got a small motorhome now, which saves a lot of lifting in and out of bed, because the bed is right there.

Ian helps me get in and out of the chair as well. He holds my knees with his knees and lifts me. Some parts of my body aren’t going as well as they used to, and I have some sagging on my left side, but I’m lucky to be still going strong. I’m 76 and I consider myself very lucky to be still travelling as much as I am.

Staying active has definitely helped me deal with MS. It’s not ruling my life.

We’re in Oakey at the moment. We go to all sorts of different places within 200 kilometres of Brisbane. Staying on the road helps me avoid moaning or complaining! I also like the people we travel with, the other people in the Club. They’re nice people, and we’re all playing Mahjong tonight.

When we’re home, the Home Instead carers come in, they’re very nice girls, they do everything they can. If you ask for something, they look after it.

They help me shower, they do the housework, and they cook for me. It might not sound like much, but it makes a huge difference to us.

We tried another very big company a couple of years ago, but Home Instead is much better. They are a smaller group of people, which I like. The other company didn’t really listen to what you said.

The two CAREGivers I have now, I’ve had for a couple of years. If I have a query, the query is answered straight away. They’re nice people. I’ve been very happy.

I’d recommend Home Instead very much, it’s a good organisation. The girls are good, the people at the top know what they are doing.

You feel special. They care.”

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