Show our seniors you are thinking of them

The well-being of seniors is so important right now. But with social distancing and self-isolation in place, it’s hard to know how you can help.

So we’re encouraging you to write to a senior. By sharing your messages, we can make seniors feel connected with their community and overcome any feelings of loneliness they may be experiencing.

Record or write a hopeful message or get creative by sharing a favourite poem or a funny story. Everyone can get involved, and we even have some fun templates for kids too!

These messages are a simple gesture of kindness that will make a senior’s day. Even from your dining room table, you can make a positive difference during COVID-19.

Whether you want to send a message or you’re a senior who would like to receive a message, find out how to get involved below. Choose to send a one-off message or team up with a regular Pen Pal.

Simply register to become a Pen Pal and the Home Instead messengers will do the rest! Making seniors smile when they receive your message.

How you can write to a senior

  • Use your own writing paper, download one of the kids’ templates below, record a 10 second video or submit a message via the registration form that we can insert into a card for you.

  • Use the form below to submit your handiwork. If you have downloaded a kids’ template or designed your own letter, please scan and upload it.

  • Our CAREGivers will either email your message directly to a senior or print out your message and hand-deliver it to the seniors we care for. The seniors response will be scanned and emailed back to you.

How seniors can get involved

  • Elderly man and women reading a letter

    Use the form below to register your details so we can connect you with a Pen Pal (make sure you check the ‘receive a message’ option in the first drop-down box).

  • step 2: family member can register Pen Pal

    You can also ask a family member or carer to help you complete your registration. Please include your details, so we can return any responses to you (we promise to keep your details safe).

  • Happy smiling elderly woman

    After we receive your request, you will receive a confirmation email. We will email you again once we have connected you with a Pen Pal, and this can take up to 3 days.

Pen Pal Registration

Share a message with someone who cares, even whilst we are socially isolated.

Register to send or receive a message from a member of the community via this form and our team will get matching.

Please select “Receive a message” or “Send a message” from the drop down list.  Please include your email details, so we can return any responses directly to your inbox. If you are registering to receive messages on behalf of an Aged Care Facility/Village, please let us know how many messages you would like to receive in the comments box.


Choose a template or activity

Ready to get started? Download a template for the kids to get creative with, write on, draw or paint on! Using the registration form above, upload the finished artwork with a message to accompany your creation.

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