Across Australia, communities and individuals got involved with our ‘Be a Santa to a Senior’ campaign.

Home Instead’s goal with this campaign was to help seniors feel respected, appreciated and cared for over the holiday season.

Here are just a few of the many stories that were shared over the month of December 2016.

A Helping Hand                                                                                       

Su Jordan-Gerloff saw a lovely older lady struggling to pack her groceries at Aldi. Su kindly stopped to help her. While packing her groceries, they got to chatting and had a lovely conversation that we are certain brightened both of their days.

Baking the World a Better Place

Maureen Carlisle shared her story of making a bread and butter pudding for a gentleman who had a December birthday. Bread and butter pudding was his favourite dessert which he had not had in a long time.

“Is beautiful to see the smile through the gift of giving. I love this time of year.” – Maureen 

An Answered Prayer

Sandy Crockford told her story on lending a helpful hand to a stranger at the post office:

“I was at the East Brisbane Post Office in line about 10th I think, and there was an old lady in front of me. I noticed that she had walking shoes on, an over shirt to keep the sun off and sunscreen on her face that hadn’t been rubbed in. I also noticed that she had a kind of head tremor like you get when you have Parkinsons’ Disease.

We had a while to wait and she was leaning on the stands. She was right in front of me so I saw her collect her parcel and look a bit dismayed because it was quite large though not heavy. When I finished collecting my parcel I turned and saw her sitting on a chair near the front door. A little voice kept saying to me in my head, go and ask her if she was okay and could I help her to get home.

This I did, I crouched down in front of her and said, ‘Are you okay? Can I help you in any way?’ She said, quite teary, ‘I was just praying someone would help me out. Can you take me home with this parcel, it is too far to walk with this being so big?”’
I said, ‘Sure, let’s go.’

Her name is Jenny, and she told me that she had lived in her home for thirty years and had seen a lot of changes over the years. Jenny pointed out where old friends used to live and had now passed away, and where the doctors used to be on the corner when the doctor lived behind the surgery.

We had a lovely chat in the cool air con of the car. Jenny thanked me heaps and I dropped her outside her house and gave her my business card and said, that our business was just down the road and if she found herself stuck again to please ring me as I would be happy to help her out.

We exchanged ‘Merry Christmas’ greetings and said good-bye. I hope her Christmas is a happy one.”

Thank you Sandy Crockford, Maureen Carlise and Su Jordan-Gerloff for sharing your stories with us. Our team also sends a thank you to all of you who got involved with our ‘Be a Santa to a Senior’ campaign.

If you didn’t get a chance be lend a hand this December, remember that Santa is watching all year. If the opportunity arises to help a senior or do something to help them feel special, we urge you to take the opportunity. Like Su, Maureen and Sandy, you may just find it makes your day just as much as it makes theirs.