We all like to think we could do anything to help our loved ones during their time of need. However, it is the sad reality that many unpaid carers are putting their own health at risk through their devotion and commitment to helping others.

An international survey has revealed a high percentage of carers in Australia put the health of the person they’re caring for above themselves. The large-scale survey, which was conducted by the leading science and technology company Merck, discovered many unpaid carers do not have the time to book and attend their own medical appointments or exercise regularly.

The survey covered seven countries around the globe, including Australia, and questioned 3,516 unpaid carers. The study revealed an alarming yet truthful reality for many unpaid carers and the challenges they commonly face.

The results showed 42% of the unpaid carers surveyed put the health of the person they care for above their own. Furthermore, more than half of the carers reported their physical health has suffered as a consequence of their caring role.

Even though 82% of unpaid carers in Australia feel supported by their family in their role as a carer, 52% of those carers have experienced feelings of depression and have felt they needed medical care or support for a mental health condition due to their role as an unpaid carer, such as stress, depression or anxiety. The survey also found 39% of unpaid carers feel being an informal carer has put pressure on their financial situation.

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To see more survey research findings, please download the results here.

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