• Does your mum or dad ever forget they’ve put the kettle on?
  • Lose their medication, or run out before the next script is filled?
  • Is there a mysterious dent on their car?
  • Mail and/or laundry piling up?

These are universal signs that “something isn’t right”, pointers that remind us that maybe – just maybe – our parents may need some independent home care.

With this in mind, Home Instead has shared Recognise the Signs: Top 10 Signs Your Ageing Parent Needs Help” This fact sheet the 10 most common tell-tale signs we see everyday that flag a senior needs some home help and assistance at home.

There are some excellent insights listed, things that may not necessarily start the alarm bells ringing if looked at individually, or taken out of context.

For example, your ageing loved one might return from a regular walk later than usual. It could mean nothing, but maybe they lost their way?

Similarly a torn shower curtain could be harmless – there may be a perfectly logical explanation for it.  But what if it meant your parent had been using it for support, and is starting to lose their balance?

As the article explains, sometimes things seem normal, but on closer inspection, they are not. Like if your parent goes through the motions of gardening – moving pots, digging soil and so forth – but nothing is actually accomplished.

Home Instead offer independent home care services that can help. You can’t always be there. But we can. Our services offer everything from home help, companionship and transport to advanced Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

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