Even on a cloudy day, we can forget to get enough to drink, so we’ve pulled together our top tips for staying hydrated this summer.

Drink options for staying hydrated this summer

Good old H2O is critical for rehydrating when the body experiences fluid loss, such as when we sweat. Even the harsh humidity we are hit with each year can take more hydration out of our body than we realise. We also see a lot of sugary drinks available to all types of people, but be wary, not all drinks with added electrolytes are the best alternative to water.

If you’re tired of water and want a more natural alternative, coconut water is a delicious way of rehydrating. It is now more popular than ever so you’ll be able to find it readily stocked in all major food chains. Make a note of it so you don’t forget to try it out when you’re doing your next shop, or if one of our CAREGivers is helping out with the groceries they can pick it up for you on their next trip.

Fruits, salads and vegetables

When those hot, humid and sun-scorched days creep up on us, a hot, heavy meal is not ideal. Remember that a lot of fruits, salads and vegetables contain water, which will help you stay hydrated and keep you from feeling fatigued. Our best picks are:

  • Cucumber – has the highest water content of any solid food!
  • Watermelon –obvious choice, and we love it!
  • Iceberg lettuce – instead of using bread rolls for your hamburgers, use these delicious lettuce cups as the top and bottom
  • Tomatoes – go with cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes, less messy and much more tasty
  • Cauliflower – don’t let cauliflower’s pale complexion fool you. In addition to having lots of water, these unassuming florets are packed with vitamins 
  • Strawberries – strawberries contain 91% water making them a delicious, hydrating snack anytime of the day or night!

We hope this gives you a few more ideas on how to stay hydrated this summer. Not all your water intake needs to come from a glass. Try eating your water with different types of fruits, vegetables and salads for your next meal.