Imagine a world without any companions … it would be reasonably lonely, right? But the sad truth is, seniors are most prone to feeling lonely than any other age group.

So, what is companionship? Companionship probably means something different to everyone. It involves more than just somebody being there; it’s about wanting that person there, enjoying their company and developing a relationship that comes naturally to you.

Companionship is extremely important for both your mental and physical wellbeing. Having good company around should make you feel relaxed, comfortable and keep your mind positively engaged. Other mental benefits of companionship are to:

  • Prevent loneliness;
  • Avoid social isolation
  • Maintain social skills
  • Increase a sense of purpose;
  • Encourage healthy mental stimulation;
  • Stimulate positive thoughts and interactions;
  • Engage in memory exercises such as reminiscing.

Some of the physical benefits of companionship are to:

  • Participate in enjoyable physical activities together such as a walk in the park;
  • Identify unhealthy habits;
  • Assist with appointments or prescription collection;
  • Encourage you to get out the house;
  • Support you in achieving your goals.

Now we have established the importance of companionship and why finding the right companion matters, what can be done about it? Often seniors are relocated to a care home for company, with other options either overlook or unrecognised. CAREGivers are more than just a carer, they are a companion. CAREGivers encourage social interactions and enjoyable activities to promote healthy mental and physical health. Home Instead takes the time to match every one of their CAREGivers to their clients preferences and requirements. Some companionship activities you can enjoy with your CAREGiver include:

  • Preparing, cooking and eating meals together;
  • Social outings;
  • Shopping;
  • Visiting family and friends;
  • Playing creative indoor games;
  • Participating in hobbies such as knitting;
  • Enjoying old pastimes;
  • Reflecting on past expereince and memories.

If you or a loved one could benefit from a companion, a little help from a friend could be just a phone call away.