In our experience there are many people worried about their ageing parents and want to get them the help they need. But this help and support is often met with absolute resistance from ageing adults who would rather not have any help at all!

We know this resistance can be a real problem for family caregivers – they can be worried about the safety of a senior loved one forgetting food on the stove or neglecting to take their medications. Sometimes seniors only want help from a son or daughter, which can put undue pressure on that family caregiver who feels he or she can’t call for professional help.  Most caregivers can go into “crisis mode” to rally around a loved one in the short-term, but you can’t be totally immersed in a crisis mode long-term without your own family, work and health suffering.

So we are spreading the message that keeping fiercely independent seniors safe at home isn’t a lost cause with the release of our free resource booklet When Seniors Say No! – a guide to overcoming resistance to assistance. The booklet features practical tips and insights such as:

  • Warning bells – tell-tale signs of a senior in trouble.
  • Understanding why seniors resist offers of help.
  • Strategies to help counter resistance to care.

Download When Seniors Say No! and other Senior Care Resources today.