Home Instead Australia has welcomed new legislation passed in The Australian Senate on 3rd March, formally establishing the rights of older Australians to exercise greater choice and control over their home care services.

Director, Martin Warner said the legislation is just the latest in a series of positive changes for aged care consumers since the 2011 Productivity Commission Report Caring for Older Australians.

The legislation has made way for true choice in the aged care industry and is a significant step forward in Changing the Face of Ageing in Australia.

Currently Home Care Packages are allocated to service providers by government through a tender process. In terms of accessing care, this process is limiting for consumers. Currently the challenge for senior’s rests with them trying finding a provider in their local area with a vacant Home Care Package so that they can access subsidised home care services.  

With this new legislation in place it will be easier for seniors to choose a quality local approved care service provider who is flexible and responsive to their needs. Home care funding will now follow the consumer, not the provider, allowing consumers to choose what services they need, when and who will deliver those services according to their own personal preferences.

Quite simply, if you are not happy with the services you receive you can take your government funded home care package to another approved home care provider.

As a result, Australia’s aged care industry will be entering into a more competitive market where consumers can choose the services they want and service provider who best meets their needs and will offer them the best quality, flexibility and value.

This legislation received full bipartisan support, further paving the way towards a fully consumer directed aged home care sector by 27 February 2017.