The word ‘Easter’ immediately springs a few things to mind; yellow chicks, bunnies, excited children and lots and lots of chocolate. But while this all may sound very exciting for some, the holidays are not something we all look forward to.

For many seniors, the holidays can also bring challenges with mobility, transport, companionship and social isolation. The ageing process can slowly but surely create barriers, both physical and mental, preventing seniors from getting out of the house as much as they would like to. Perhaps mum or dad no longer drive or worry how they will get to and from their destination safely, find venturing too far from home too stressful or simply lack confidence which is common when living alone.

Home Instead’s goal is enablement and helping seniors in any way we can to remain living happily, healthily and independently in the comfort and familiarity of their own home for as long as possible, which is why our personalised in-home care services are available around the clock.

Home Instead CAREGivers are available 24-hours a day, 7-days-a-week, over the Easter break, so you can rest assured your senior loved one is well looked after.

Issues the holidays can bring seniors and how our in-home care services can help

Loneliness & Isolation

It might seem strange that a festive celebration, a time where family and friends unite, can spur on feelings of loneliness. However isolation and loneliness are not uncommon among seniors during the holidays.

As we age, more people begin to outlive their spouses and friends. The sadness caused by the loss of a significant other can be harsher during the holiday period, leaving loved ones feeling sad or lonely. Furthermore, routines are often altered during the holidays, which means family members are often less available to visit seniors who are somewhat housebound or immobile.

Feelings of loneliness can be the cause of many health and wellness problems, such as depression, trouble sleeping and loss of appetite. Whatever the reason causing a person to experience this difficult emotion, we understand you can’t always be there for your elderly loved one.

Home Instead’s companionship service offers friendly company and support to seniors living at home. Our trustworthy CAREGivers provide fun and engaging social interactions for seniors, as well as enjoyable activities and a helping hand where needed.

Transportation Difficulties

As if getting around wasn’t already difficult enough for an ageing body due to decreased mobility, but public transport services can also be limited during the holidays.

Additionally, many of us stop driving as we get older, whether that is due to poor eyesight, physical impairments or loosing confidence behind the wheel, making travelling from A to B rather difficult.

If you or a loved one needs assistance with transportation during the holidays, whether that is transference to and from a family event or attending a doctor’s appointment, our CAREGivers are here to help.

Our transport services are way more than just a taxi service. Not only will we assist you getting to your destination, but we will also support you during your visit. We can help with medication reminders throughout a social outing, assistance crossing busy roads and stabilisation along the street, discrete bathroom trips, carrying heavy shopping bags and providing general support.

Access To Care

Lastly, let’s not forget the important fact that carers require a break throughout the holidays too. Whether your usual carer is a family member or professional CAREGiver, it is essential they have time to rest, recover and even go on a well deserved holiday during the Easter break.

Home Instead offers respite services for when your usual carer can’t be there. Whether you simply need a little extra help around the home or more complex dementia care, our CAREGivers are qualified, highly trained, compassionate professionals who can assist you or your loved one with whatever you need to stay happy and healthy at home during the holidays, all whilst maintaining your independence and dignity.

To find out more about in-home senior care, or to enquire about our services this Easter break, please call us on 1300 008 018 or visit our contact page where one of our friendly care team will be in touch shortly.

We wish you a safe and happy Easter holiday.