What is a Government Package?

A Home Care Package is an annual allocation of funds from the Australian Government allocated to seniors over 65yrs old, who have been assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). This funding is paid monthly to an approved home care provider of their choice to assist them with their daily living needs to remain independent at home.

What is ACAT?

Aged Care Assessment Team – a Government approved team of clinically disciplined people (i.e. nurses/OT/Physio/social worker) who are trained to assess people over the age of 65-years-old to determine an individual’s level of care needs. The level of care is measured on a range from Level 1 (lowest care) to Level 4 (highest care).

My Aged Care and Government Package Funding & Allocation

Once an individual has been assessed by ACAT, they will be waitlisted in My Aged Care – the national waitlist for funding. Because government packages are limited, there will be a waiting time before funding is made available to an individual regardless of their situation. There is also no timeframe for how long they could be waitlisted for. Once a package has been allocated, the individual will be sent a confirmation letter from My Aged Care containing an activation code. It is now up to the individual to compare and select a provider of their choice, contact that provider and discuss what care services they can offer.

How do they select a provider?

  • A client should compare prices and the quality of service that they can expect to receive from each provider, as there is a significant difference in cost and the type of service each provider offers. It is also important to consider the organizational culture and level of customer service the client can expect to experience from a provider.
  • Home Instead positioned itself to provide premium, cost effective services to all clients. We can achieve this by waiving the Basic Daily Care Fee, which is charged by most providers.
  • Home Instead has also chosen to have the lowest administration costs on the market. In comparison, this allows us to offer the highest number of hours in care services to our clients each week through their Home Care Package. We also have the flexibility to top up additional privately funded support if needed.
  • We encourage you to be a Home Instead Ambassador. If you know or come across someone who has been approved for a Home Care Package or is currently accessing care services through a package and would like to arrange a complimentary in-home care consultation to discuss the benefits of accessing their package through Home Instead, all they need to do is contact their local office on 1300 008 018.

How does a client transfer their Home Care Package from one provider to the other?

  • It’s a simple process. Simply contact their existing provider by phone or email, to advise them that they wish to cease services and they will be changing provider. They are under no obligation to provide a reason.
  • They must provide a cessation date (last day of service), giving two weeks notice.