Advice for Seniors During the Easter Break

While many of us look forward to an enjoyable break, for some it can be a rather stressful time. With the majority of the community off work, there are a few annoyances to public holidays; crowded streets, bad traffic, empty grocery store shelves… to name just a few. These factors can make it difficult to continue with your usual routine, particularly for vulnerable seniors.

We want everyone to make the most of their holidays. They are the perfect opportunity to spend time with your friends and family, to take a long relaxing weekend away or simply catch up on some overdue housework. Here are a few suggestions to help you get out and about during the public holidays.

Prepare for busy streets

Conquering city streets which have been dominated by enthusiastic school kids and teens can be a little overwhelming. Some simple planning before you head out can help to prepare you for these busy times. If you’re nervous about being in the hustle and bustle, you could plan an alternate, less lively, route to get to your destination. If you feel you will need assistance veering around the foot traffic, it may help to have a friend of family member there to support you, or consider travelling with a CAREGiver for the afternoon. The atmosphere of a buzzing town can be joyful, so it’s a good idea to plan before hand to avoid any unnecessary stress.

Stock up on essentials

Public holidays are known for shorter business opening hours, so try to plan what you may require ahead of time. A popular public holiday activity choice is to spend time with your loved ones, and typically this involves feasting together. Organise to get your grocery shopping done a day or two before the holidays to avoid any last-minute rushes to the shops – only to find empty shelves! It’s also important to have all the medication and supplements ready in case your local pharmacy is closed. If you need assistance with buying groceries, preparing food or you require someone to shop for you, Home Instead’s CAREGivers will provide you with the support you need.

Know your emergency contacts

Is your local doctor’s surgery closed over the public holiday? Many medical services remain closed during the holidays, so find out if your local surgery will be open ahead of time. If your regular GP is unavailable, there will always be an alternative doctor in your city. It’s a good idea research the location of your nearest available doctor and their opening hours in case you’re in need of medical attention. Do not hesitate to go to hospital or call an ambulance if your situation is urgent.

Expect transport delays

Sitting in the car for over an hour for a trip that should take only 10 minutes is never fun. Unfortunately, transport delays are common over the holiday period as travel requirements, and consequently roads, become busier. Always allow yourself extra travel time during a public holiday, to avoid the strain of being late or feeling stressed. Public transport timetables could also vary on public holidays, so check schedules and if there are any delays before you leave. If you need assistance with travel arrangements, visit Home Instead’s personal travel service page and find out how your CAREGiver can help.

Seek assistance when needed

Public holidays are for enjoying, not worrying about. It’s important to remember there will always be someone who can help you with anything you require, whether that’s getting to and from an event, helping you with small house chores, or simply having a companion around. No matter how big or small the request is, never be afraid to ask for help if you need it. And if you’re uncomfortable with doing something, there’s always that amazing word we sometimes forget… ‘no’.