There are many decisions to make and important considerations to weigh up when finding a CAREGiver. Nothing is more important than finding the right people to support you or your family members at home.

Recognising the need for help at home and reaching a decision to enlist the help of a professional CAREGiver for either yourself or a loved one can be daunting enough. The last thing you need is the stress of finding a capable, trustworthy CAREGiver or worrying about their training, qualifications, criminal background checks, reference checks, insurance, wages, tax, superannuation and all the rest.

At Home Instead, we take care of all of this for you. It’s not every day you accept a new person into your home, so we want to put your mind at ease by briefing you on what you can expect from a Home Instead CAREGiver.

With Home Instead, you will have access to a range of highly professional, quality CAREGivers to support you living independently at home. You will never have to rely on just one CAREGiver or be without the care and support you need if something went wrong in unforeseen circumstances.

You will also have 24-7 support from your office team who are always just a phone call away.

Our CAREGivers undergo pre-employment checks including screening for mandatory requirements, structured interviews, comprehensive reference and criminal background checks.

Home Instead CAREGivers then complete specialised training through our comprehensive in-house training program which provides a pathway for all CAREGivers to obtain a Certificate III in Individual Support – a formal, nationally accredited training qualification awarded by our registered training partner. Our CAREGivers also undertake specialist training to support clients and families with dementia care or palliative care at home.

Our in-house training program is unique to Home Instead. It is the foundation of our quality care and ensures our CAREGivers have, not only the necessary skills and knowledge to provide the best in-home care and support for our clients, but also understand our personal approach to enhancing your life at home.

Before services commence, your Home Instead Care Manager will meet with you and your family to discuss your needs and ultimately what you want from your CAREGiver and the services they will provide. This is a free, no-obligation care consultation and it’s all about getting to know you.

With a better understanding of you, your needs and what you want from our relationship, we will then personally match you with our CAREGivers. To us, it’s important you are matched with people you like and feel comfortable around. The way you connect and relate to your CAREGivers is important to your happiness and wellbeing at home and your overall experience with Home Instead. We personally match you with CAREGivers you are compatible with, CAREGivers you get along with, have common interests, likes and dislikes and with whom you will genuinely enjoy your time. Your CAREGiver will become a friend and companion for you.

Despite common myths, you’re not going to suddenly have a stranger moving in with you. At Home Instead, we introduce you to your CAREGivers and make sure you are 100% comfortable. If for any reason you would prefer a different CAREGiver, we will find a new CAREGiver to suit your personal needs and preferences.

What’s more, your CAREGiver will only be there when you need them to be. If you only need assistance with groceries once a week, then that is what you can expect. Conversely, if you need around the clock assistance or simply want the comfort of having someone there, our CAREGivers can stay overnight or support you with 24-hour care.

Over time, your Home Instead Care Manager will regularly check-in with you by phone or visit you at home to see how things are running. We want to ensure you are being provided the highest quality of care we expect and are completely satisfied with every aspect of our services.

So when you are looking for a CAREGiver, put your mind at ease and enlist the help of Home Instead. We take personal responsibility to enhance your life at home, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year.