As we age, it can be easy to let regular exercise slip away. When our bodies begin to change
and it becomes difficult to do what we once found easy, we begin to move less and less.
However, this only exacerbates our lack of mobility and can reduce our ability to enjoy life to
the full.

Regular movement has many proven health benefits, including:
● Lower risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis,
type 2 diabetes, stroke and obesity.
Boosted memory and brain cognitivity through improved mood and sleep and reduced
stress and anxiety.
● Maintaining an ongoing sense of independence as you remain mobile with minimal

While exercise can be undertaken at any age, there are three common myths that stop seniors
from exercising plus some expert advice on how to get started today.

It’s too late for me to start exercising.
Many symptoms that we commonly associate with age, like weakness and a loss of balance,
are actually symptoms of inactivity. Our joints require the regular stress of movement to ensure
they are well lubricated and that the cartilage that lines our joints doesn’t thin and lose integrity.
Stretching is an easy way to begin to move whilst also maintaining joint flexibility.

Exercise is boring.
Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore.Your everyday activities that involve movement can
contribute, including gardening, dancing, playing with the grandchildren or going shopping with
friends. Find something that you enjoy and make time for it. The best exercise is the one that
you actually do.

Exercise isn’t safe for someone my age
Studies have shown your strength and balance improve with exercise. An active lifestyle
combats bone wastage and has positive effects for those with osteoporosis. Exercises like tai
chi also assist with balance and coordination, both of which help combat the likelihood of a
sudden fall and consequential injuries.

Even if you haven’t had a regular exercise habit in the past, your body will respond affirmably by
starting where you are now and increasing your level of movement gradually.

If you’re just beginning your exercise journey, we’ve partnered with Michelle Bridges, Fitness
Expert and Personal Trainer, to develop a gentle, five-minute movement routine that you can
follow along from the comfort of your own home.