Christmas is a time filled with family, friends and festive traditions but for many, the season for celebrations can be lonely, and especially so for seniors.

Home Instead is leading a very special campaign yet again this Christmas, reaching out to the Australian community to help seniors feel valued, respected, appreciated and cared for this December.

How? Home Instead are encouraging you to Be a Santa to a Senior this Christmas season and carry out a random act of kindness for a senior.

Help someone with their groceries, walk a senior to their car, hold an umbrella for an older person in the summer rain, take the time to have a conversation, share a pot of tea, stop and say hello or help someone out at home. Whatever it may be, however small or significant, a random act of kindness can make a big difference to a senior this season.

Martin Warner, Managing Director of Home Instead says, “Holidays are a particularly challenging time for seniors. They often do not have close friends or family to celebrate with and suffer feelings of isolation, loneliness and depression.”

The smallest thing can brighten a senior’s day. So we ask you to take a moment to do something simple yet special for a senior, join us, share the word, and Be a Santa to a Senior today!

Do you know someone who will be alone this Christmas? Home Instead is open and providing care service throughout Christmas and the New Year holidays, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To learn more visit Home Instead’s Facebook page.